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Glorantha has been my favourite fantasy world since I encountered it through RuneQuest in 1982. Here are my Glorantha related files and links.

Glorantha, Hero Wars and HeroQuest are the Trademarks of Issaries, Inc., and are used with their permission. Issaries, Inc. is the Trademark of Issaries, Inc..


I wanted to learn Java for career reasons and chose to implement the Hero Wars rules in a networked game as a self-teaching project. I have succeeded well beyond my initial goals (see endorsement from Issaries/Greg Stafford) and now find I am close to completion. The program is written in Java 2 version 1.3 and is released under the GPL, so the source code is available if you are interested.

I use Yahoo! Groups as the the main forum for the discussion of the HeroWarsProgram. The program files, installation instructions, change log etc. are all held in the HeroWarsProgram files area. There are a few XML format files that cannot be stored on Yahoo! Groups files as they seem to get mangled into an HTML format. I store these files here.

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HeroWarsProgram Files

The files are

Stories and heroquests

Issaries' First Trading Trip - Heroquest frames, no frames

Sambari/Fire Bull campaign

Benedict Adamson started a Hero Wars campaign in the Fire Bull clan of the Sambari Tribe in Sartar during the summer of 2000.

After some turnover in players, there are seven of us (Bruce Ferrie, Ian Cooper, Jim Hawkins, Mark Adri-Soejoko and Guy Jobbins are the others). We take irregular turns in running episodes in the campaign so we each get a chance to play and to narrate. Initially, we played in a clan based campaign. More recently, we chose to have the characters outlawed and now are in the Wintertop and Bush Range region and are developing contacts in the lower ranks of the Sartar resistance.

Benedict has compiled an extensive set of Sambari and Fire Bull background setting notes at his web site.

Karath Sweetvoice is my character in the campaign - see the character sheet to get some sense of the progress of the campaign (though I am afraid I have not been updating the story since May 2001).

We meet on Thursday evenings at the Finchley Games Club, Old Finchleians Sports Club, Southover, North Finchley, London N12 (near Woodside Park tube station). Contact us at LondonHeroWars to see if there is room for another player.

Discussion Groups

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I compiled a table of contents for Hero Wars: Role Playing in Glorantha and for Narrator's Book: Game Mastering in the Hero Wars

My favourite Gloranthan fan sites are:

There is also the excellent and gorgeously illustrated King of Dragon Pass, a strategic story telling computer game, published by A# (A-Sharp). See

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